Frequently Asked Questions about Shirahama Beach 

Q. Which bus should we take from Izukyu Shimoda station?

Take any bus at the bus station No.9 in front of Izukyu Shimoda station. The buses are bound for some different destinations but all of them go to Shirahama Beach. Get off at the bus stop named “Shirahama-Kaigan(白浜海岸)” or “Re-su-po-Shirahama(レスポ白浜)”


Q. Are there any outdoor showers on the beach?

In July and August, some outdoor shower services are available along the beach across Route 135. It’s 300 - 500 yen per a few minutes. You can find some of them behind 7-Eleven or beside Family Mart.


Q. Are there any shops near the beach?

- Convenience stores (7-Eleven, Family Mart)

- Shirahama Marina Surf Shop & Hana Café


- In July and August, you can find some other shops to rent beach umbrellas, beach beds, bodyboards and floats.



Q. How are the waves now?

Please see the live video “Shirahama Ohama Beach” of the YouTube channel “LIVE SHIMODA.”


Q. Can we swim today?

In July and August, please ask the hotel staff or ask the lifeguards on the beach. Depending on the condition of weather and waves, the lifeguards sometimes forbid swimming or tell the swimmers how far or how deep they can go. When you see the flag in red on the beach, do not swim. In the other seasons without the lifeguards on the beach, please be careful and take full responsibility for your actions. You can ask questions at Shirahama Marina Surf Shop too.



Q. Can we surf anywhere at Shirahama Beach?

For your safety, we recommend you ask for information at Shirahama Marina Surf Shop or IRIE COFFEE & SEA.

Also, from 8:00am to 5:00pm in July and August, Shirahama Beach is divided into 2 kinds of areas: “Swimming area” for swimmers and bodyboarders without fins and “Surfing area” for surfers and bodyboarders with fins. Please check the signs on the beach beforehand.



Q. Is there any rip current?

Generally, Shirahama Beach has rip currents in the middle and along the rocky areas at the both ends of the beach. Please always remember to check your position in the ocean. When you get caught in those rip currents, do not swim to the coast but along the coast till you get out of the current.



Q. How hot is it in summer?

On a hot day in summer, some people get heatstroke on the beach. Please do not forget to drink enough water and wear sunscreen, a rash guard or a hat if necessary. If you feel sick or get headache, please cool your body and take a rest right away.



Q. Are there any parking areas near Shirahama Beach?

There are several parking areas along the beach and Route 135. In July and August, it’s very crowded everywhere and no free parking is available (500 - 2000yen per day). We recommend our hotel guests to park their car at the hotel and walk down on the beach (400 meters away).



Q. Are there any prohibited acts at the beach?

The followings are prohibited or not allowed to use at Shirahama Beach:

  • BBQ or any cooking fires
  • Fireworks
  • Camping at night
  • Playing with balls that might hurt other people, such as baseball
  • Walking your dog without a leash
  • Jet ski bike and boats
  • Cars
  • Swimming after drinking alcohol
  • Oars on such as a rubber raft
  • Grains
  • Fishing
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) surfing, wave skiing
  • Drones


Q. Can we drink alcohol on the beach?

Drinking is allowed on the beach, but do not swim after that.



Q. Are there any other beaches in the neighborhood?

There are many beautiful beaches in Izu Shimoda area.

One of them is Shirahama Chuo Beach(白浜中央海水浴場)located next to Shirahama Beach (白浜大浜海水浴場) , on the north side of Shirahama Shrine (白浜神社) and Shimoda Prince Hotel. Soto-ura Beach (外浦海水浴場) located about 3km away would be another good option. Both beaches have more quiet atmosphere and smaller waves.